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Oro-Motor Therapy

Oro-Motor Therapy

Oral Motor Therapy in Ahmedabad, Oral Placement Therapy in Ahmedabad: deals with the movement of the jaw, tongue, lips, teeth and cheeks. It addresses the placement of the above structures within the mouth. Oral motor exercises improve mobility, awareness of placement, coordination, strength of the oral muscles and structures.

Kalp CLinic is committed to addressing many oral issues with children. In many years of therapy with both Occupational therapist and Speech therapist, it became clear for the need to address many issues for children concerning their tongue, mouth and lips. For other children, an aversion to eating different textures of food. We have developed programs that addresses many phases of feeding and mouth structures where disorganization and dysfunction can occur.

It is used to alter tone in oral region (cheeks, tongue lips), face and neck muscles. Oral motor therapy aids in developing appropriate pattern with children with structural issues such as short frenulum, cleft palate, and high arched palate. It can help alter such physiological issues as high or low tone, respiratory capacity and suck swallow breath synchrony.

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