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Remedial Education in Ahmedabad, Remedial Classes  in Ahmedabad

Remedial Education in Ahmedabad

Remedial Education in Ahmedabad, Remedial Classes in Ahmedabad Therapy is designed to meet the on-going needs of children with different abilities so as to assist them in regular school. Therapies are offered using different and classic teaching, learning aids and techniques. Remedial therapy is designed to close the gap between what a child knows and what he is expected to know.

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Remedial Education Therapy is conducted in individual sessions. This helps bring out the best in the child.

  • To improve grades of children studying in mainstream schools
  • To improve memory by scientific methods
  • To improve social and cognitive skills
  • Classes for slow learner children
  • improve focus and work habits
  • work on basic concepts like logical categorisation and analytical skills
  • build skills and strategies which help them manage learning or attention issues and improve school work
  • improve attention skills and phonetics awareness
  • help with the child?s academic skills, social communication and boosts self-confidence
  • teach time management and organisational skills
  • provide a safe environment for discussing school and to learn how to self advocate
  • act as a link between home and school

Group sessions are sometimes held to assist them in developing social skills of Remedial Education in Ahmedabad, Speech Therapy in Ahmedabad.

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