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Therapeutic Listening

Therapeutic Listening

Therapeutic listening is a sound-based intervention that was developed to support people of all ages who experience difficulties with sensory processing. It provides stimulation to the auditory system through the use of specifically altered music. This music is designed to stimulate the nervous system and the areas of the brain we use to listen and process sensory information. Therapeutic Listening is different from other listening based interventions as it focuses on the brain connections that the auditory system has to access the nervous system and affect changes throughout the whole body.

A trained therapist selects music based on child’s individualized goals and clinical picture. The child listens to the music two times a day for thirty minutes, seven days a week with at least three hours in between sessions. For those over the age of two, music is played over specialized headphones designed to play specific frequencies. Music selection is modified by therapist every two weeks based on client’s response to music.

What equipment is needed?

  • Specialized headphones
  • Music – either used through the app, CD, or microSD chips
  • Player – determined based on mode of music selection

It is not advised to use Therapeutic Listening in those with schizophrenia, auditory-evoked seizures, tic disorders, or in those with active ear infections. It is not recommended to use therapeutic listening while engaged in screen time.

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