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Yoga and mindfulness have been shown to have substantial favourable impacts on children's physical, neurological, educational, and emotional development in recent studies. Professionals who work with children are witnessing an alarming rise in stress/anxiety disorders, attention, behavioural, sensory, and developmental difficulties that are hurting our children, and they need to discover innovative ways to meet these rising demands.

Yoga is gaining popularity as a therapy option because of its flexibility and efficacy in fostering healthy brain development, functional abilities, and resiliency in ALL children, regardless of their circumstances or diagnosis.Yoga provides a framework for working in groups or with individuals in the least restrictive setting possible. Children can be better prepared for learning and healing by incorporating breathing and movement sequences into educational and therapeutic environments.

These self-empowering and inclusive activities promote self-awareness, balance, coordination, attention, stress reduction, and peer engagement.

This relevant one-day course will walk participants through the necessary sequences for incorporating yoga as part of a sensory diet into a pre-kindergarten through eighth-grade classroom or clinic. It is not required to have prior yoga expertise. Participants will be able to experiment with the impacts of breathing, movement, mindfulness, relaxation, and yoga games in order to confidently and effectively use them in their daily lives.

Implement sequences and tactics that encourage carryover in different contexts right away to assist therapy and classroom teaching. Participants will learn how to use yoga as a daily workout programme and as part of a sensory diet.

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